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Worry-Free Oil Heating System Maintenance Agreement

Don't be left without heat when you need it the most. Peace of mind and heat is guaranteed with an annual Sullivan Heating and Cooling Residential Worry-Free Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement.

We are proud to offer you and your family the coverage you need for your oil heating system.

Our oil heat tune-up plan is one way of ensuring that your system is protected by guaranteeing that your repairs and maintenance can be completed promptly and professionally.

A system that is in good working order saves you money, fuel and potential headaches. Your plan covers one (1) tune-up per year.

Priority Service:
Service Agreement customers will receive priority scheduling over non-contract customers for all service calls, emergency calls and/or other service requests.

15% parts and labor discount:
If our inspection deems it necessary, maintenance service will be provided with your consent. You will then receive a 15% discount off prevailing rates for parts and labor.

Maintenance to be Performed:

  • Inspect fireside of boiler and record condition.
  • Brush and vacuum soot and dirt from flue and combustion chamber.
  • Inspect firebrick and refractory for defects.
  • Visually inspect boiler pressure vessel for possible leaks and record condition.
  • Disassemble, inspect and clean low-water cutoff.
  • Check and adjust hand valves and automatic feed equipment 
  • Inspect, clean and lubricate the burner and combustion control equipment.
  • Clean strainers.
  • Install new oil nozzle and fuel oil filter cartridge.
  • Clean and check electrodes and nozzle assembly.
  • Replace cad eye.
  • Reassemble boiler.
  • Check burner sequence of operation and combustion air equipment.
  • Check fuel piping for leaks and proper support.
  • Verify operation of relief valve.
  • Perform combustion analysis and adjust burner to achieve optimum efficiency.
  • Clean and wax exterior of boiler.
  • Make written reports and notify owner of any items that need further attention.

Reduce System operating costs up to 15%
Prolong the life of your equipment
Improve comfort by maximizing efficiency
Avoid untimely breakdowns
Get peace of mind by confirming the safe operation of your system.​

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